Myanma Awba Maps Smallholder Farmers Across Myanmar

Myanma Awba Maps Smallholder Farmers Across Myanmar

Rome, Italy, 21st October 2016 — Myanma Awba Group, Myanmar’s largest manufacturer and distributor of agricultural technology showed at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Rome, Italy, how they support smallholder farmers in Myanmar using person-centric maps on the Bluenumber technology platform.

With a team of over 2,500 people, Myanma Awba plays a leading role in training farmers how to optimise their growing practices. The Group employs the largest number of agronomists outside the government and commands a footprint that extends across the country.

Martin Weiss, Group Chief Agronomist, said “For us to be responsible and responsive we must know exactly where our clients and stakeholders are. It is important for us to know how many farmers are men and how many are women. This information is provided by the farmers themselves and shared openly on the Bluenumber public server so we can use a common resource with partners, especially the Government and international agencies”.

The Bluenumber initiative was introduced at a side event at the United Nations HQ during the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 in New York. A group of ASEAN countries have been the first to adopt the platform and are piloting it throughout 2017 to create a database of millions of ASEAN farmers critical to the region’s food security.

Puvan Selvanathan, CEO of the Bluenumber Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in New York and developer of the platform, noted “Myanma Awba is a key actor in the growth of the Burmese agricultural sector, and is vested in the important role Myanmar will play in feeding the growing ASEAN population. They are developing location-specific rainfall, irrigation and soil maps to help farmers determine their exact input needs based on the crops they actually grow. This is also a valuable, informed basis for public-private partnerships.”

Any farmer in Myanmar can join Myanma Awba’s Bluenumber initiative to be recognised and discovered. There is no charge to the farmer and they always own their Bluenumber data. Features to be introduced in 2017 will facilitate microfinance, access to markets and direct transaction capability with business partners, and peer-to-peer learning on better practices.

About Myanma Awba Group
Myanma Awba Group is the leading group of companies in Myanmar focused on agriculture. The Group leverages the world's best agricultural technologies and provide customised services to develop the most suitable farming solutions to produce food in greater quantity and of better quality. As a guiding principle, the group believes that harnessing the potential of smallholder agriculture is one of the strongest drivers in transforming rural communities and accelerating economic and social improvement in Myanmar. Learn more at

About Bluenumber Foundation
The Bluenumber Foundation (BNF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organisation headquartered in New York and operating globally. BNF is transforming how the world uses data to recognize and enable the ‘digitally-
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