Our Milestones

Myanma Awba Group was established in 1995 and has grown to become one of Southeast Asia’s most innovative agriculture players. Scroll through the timeline below to see some of our milestones over the past 20+ years.


Invested in high quality packaging factory. Launched ‘Comet’ foliar fertiliser and new modern insecticide technologies. Initiated and implemented education programs for farmers.


Awba launches compound fertilizers. The company exceeds US$1m sales for crop protection products for the first time. Research and Development team formed with 5 agronomists.


New repackaging plant established in Yangon Industrial Zone. Research team grew to 50 agronomists. Extensively expanded distribution network with over 50 dealers nationwide.


Founded Ayeyarwaddy Seeds to import and distribute quality hybrid seeds.


Introduced world-renowned Nitrophoska brand complex fertilizers from Fertiva, Germany. Developed Yangon Citrus farm, the first-ever commercial scale lowland citrus farm in Yangon with sophisticated water management system.


Founded Myanmar Pesticides Industry, the first and only privately-owned pesticides formulation plant in Myanmar. Implemented PET bottling in-house for pesticide packaging.


Became the first company in Myanmar to produce Carbofuran and Chlorpyrifos Granules after installing our own granulation plant.


Established Myanmar’s first compound fertilizer plant with steam granulation technology and privately-owned pesticide and fertilizer laboratory with Gas Chromatography (GS) capabilities.


Maha Awba Microfinance established to provide farmers with much-needed financial support.


Awba collaborates exclusively with TAFE - the renowned tractor manufacturer, to distribute their tractors and machinery to our farmers with long-term credit payment schemes.

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