Business Development

Business Development

Digitisation of Grower information

The Group harnesses data to manage product availability, pest and disease outbreaks, traceability and other elements of the supply chain. Myanma Awba is partnering with the United Nations Blue Number initiative to empower smallholder farmers through data and market access. Driven by the ultimate goal of sustainable agriculture, it recognises previously ‘invisible’ farmers and records their contribution to global food systems. The initiative also aims to connect smallholder growers to global buyers. Learn more here.

Adjacent Technology 

All is ‘in scope’ if it can reduce labour cost, control resource use and improve crop yields. Myanma Awba is the exclusive distributor of TAFE tractors with long-term financing options and short-term rental possibilities. Other areas of interest include other forms of mechanisation, irrigation and drone technology.

Mobile Payment Systems

NearMe is a key enabler for our overall agriculture ecosystem and shows the group's ability to rapidly scale up. The system can be used for a various of purpose:

lensEquipment rental

lensDistributor collections

lensRural solutions (access to irrigation, solar power)

lensGovernment disbursements

lensMicro Finance loan collections

Offtaking, Contract Farming and Processing

Myanma Awba Group explores options with local and international players to secure market premiums for smallholder growers.

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