Crop Nutrition

Crop Nutrition

Proper crop nutrition is a fundamental criterion for the growing of healthy crops with good yields, but fertiliser use remains sub-optimal throughout Myanmar. Whilst Urea and a range of other simple fertilisers are widely available, the adoption of compound fertiliser is still at a relatively early stage.

In 2005, the Group teamed up with K+S Nitrogen from Germany to launch the world-famous Nitrophoska brand. This immediately set the standard for crop nutrition in the market and remains one of the most preferred fertiliser brands for the production of high quality fruits and vegetables.

Seeking to capture the growing demand from other growers for compound fertilisers, in 2010 Myanma Awba established the very first compound fertilizer plant with steam granulation technology. The ‘Comet’ brand was launched targeting a variety of crops including fruit, vegetables, rice and pulses. Comet remains a pillar brand in the crop nutrition market today.

Given the nature of the product, logistics is a vital part of the fertilizer business and the Group has invested in jetty and port facilities near its compound fertilizer plant in Yangon to facilitate river transport to across the country.

The Group markets our crop nutrition products under a number of brands:

lensMyanma Awba


lensMyanma Kaung Thu Kha

lensMyanma San Pya

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