Crop Protection

Crop Protection

Since 1995, we have been producing high grade agro-chemicals and providing quality services to our farmers across the country.

We believe in responsible business practices and go to great lengths to make sure that our products are used efficiently and in a way that minimises their environmental impact. Our field team conducts farmer meetings across the country and carries out demonstrations to educate growers about the effective use of farm inputs and responsible farming practices. 

The trusted relationships that we have built with our customers over 20 years allow us to learn how our products can benefit the different growing environments and examine how pests and diseases respond and adapt over the long term. By thorough examination and analysis using rigorous field data, we are constantly developing new products to address any growing resistance problems.

We market these products under a number of brands:

lensMyanma Awba


lensMyanma Kaung Thu Kha


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