Hmawbi Agricultural Inputs Complex

Hmawbi Agricultural Inputs Complex


In September 2016, Myanma Awba announced plans to build a world-class Hmawbi Agricultural Inputs Complex (HAIC) in Hmawbi Township, north of Yangon. The initiative is partly funded by an IFC convertible instrument. The new facility will be constructed in three phases until 2020 and will be built to international standards, as advised by the IFC. Over 500 jobs will be created for the local community.

HAIC will be able to produce five different types of formulations used in crop protection chemicals in the most technologically-advanced markets in the world. It allows Myanma Awba Group to reduce reliance on imports and raises the bar overall for product quality and consistency. Furthermore, it gives the Group more flexibility to produce tailor-made solutions specifically for Myanmar growers. 

World-Class Technology

The HAIC also features cutting-edge environmental technology that is being brought to Myanmar for the first time. This includes a two-stage burning system in the plant incinerator to convert unwanted waste into harmless forms, and to ensure that harmful gases are not released into the environment. The water treatment facilities incorporate a leading, world-class technology to ensure that any water leaving the factory is safe. Further details on emissions standards comparing the IFC EHS guidelines with the Myanmar National Emission Guidelines for incinerators can be found here

Further details on these technologies can be found here.  

Information Disclosure

A number of documents relating to the HAIC initiative can be downloaded here, including:

lensMIC approval documentation
lensEmergency Response Plan 

Community Outreach Initiatives
Myanma Awba Group conducts a number of regular, ongoing outreach initiatives with the local community in Hmawbi and is always ready to answer questions stakeholders may have on the HAIC. Our most recent statement on the initiative can be found here, with further details of the mid-December workshop event found here.

An HAIC Monitoring Committee was recently established to provide a transparent and safe mechanism through which residents and other stakeholders can submit concerns and grievances relating to the HAIC and hold the management to account for their community commitments. More information on the HAIC Monitoring Committee can be found here. 

Raising concerns or grievances
In addition to contacting members from the Monitoring Committee, residents wishing to raise concerns or grievances relating to HAIC have several options to do so:
lensJoin the HAIC Community Support Group on Facebook and submit your concerns in a post or message
lensSend a message via Google Group
lensRegister on our Forum page and share your concerns directly
lensSend us a message through the website Contact Us section

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