Research and Development

Research and Development

By developing customised proprietary solutions as well as working together with Multinational companies, the Group can rightfully claim to have the broadest portfolio of quality solutions available in Myanmar. Indeed, the Awba portfolio of farmer-based solutions are as good as those available in any other Asian country. 

Myanma Awba Group has a dedicated, experienced R&D team to develop products in a timely and precise manner and provide training and advice to our field force across the country.

Demonstration Farms

As part of the expansion of R&D activities, in 2016 the Group established a network of Demonstration Farms across the country. These demo farms typify the Awba commitment to Myanmar agriculture and will be a cornerstone in building up capabilities at the farm level. 

The Demo farms will be used to educate growers on the importance of Crop Programs, showing the benefit of quality products applied in a correct and safe manner. The farms will also showcase new technologies and agronomic practices useful in boosting farm productivity.  

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