Hmawbi Agricultural Inputs Complex Monitoring Committee

Hmawbi Agricultural Inputs Complex Monitoring Committee: Further Details 

Myanma Awba Group believes in its role as a responsible corporate citizen, and is eager to continue engagement with the local community to ensure the success of the Hmawbi Agricultural Inputs Complex. 

A Monitoring Committee is to be established in order to: 
Provide a transparent and safe mechanism whereby residents can submit concerns and grievances about the HAIC. It will also: 
lensevaluate and minimise Environmental Health and Safety impact of the initiative 
lensestablish a government-recognized legal committee as needed 
lensget involved in initiatives that benefit the wider society

Proposed Activities for HAIC Monitoring Committee

A wide range of activities and responsibilities was discussed for the Monitoring Committee. Myanma Awba Group led with a number of suggestions:
lensIn order to promote workplace safety, Myanma Awba Group will allow the Committee to conduct surprise checks in the HAIC after operations have commenced
lensTo ensure employee health and safety on an ongoing basis, the Committee can randomly pick a HAIC employee on whom to conduct medical tests (with the employee’s permission)
lensIn the event of any concerns over environmental impact from HAIC’s solid and liquid treatment system, the Committee can initiate checks. If it is discovered that emissions have deviated from National Emission Guidelines, the Committee has the authority to stop the process and insist HAIC management fix the issue immediately
lensFollowing any complain or information from the neighbours, the Committee will follow the steps included in No.3 action plan
lensWaste emission level from HAIC must be within the National Emission Guideline ranges. HAIC Monitoring Committee may conduct surprise audit to ensure HAIC remaining compliant

Monitoring Committee Funding

All committee expenses will be funded by Myanma Awba Group, including inter alia:
lensFreelance salary
lensTravelling expenses
lensAuditing expenses
lensAwba / Third party laboratory expenses

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