Pre-Employment Training Workshop Overview

Date: 18th December 2016 
Location: Eastern Monastery, Wah Net Chaung Village

Workshop Overview

Hosted by Myanma Awba Group, the workshop in Hmawbi was the latest in a series of community engagement activities designed to raise awareness about the Hmawbi Agricultural Inputs Complex and understand any concerns that residents might have about the project. As a responsible corporate citizen, Myanmar Awba Group sees the local community as a vital stakeholder in the success of the initiative and welcomes all opportunities for discussion.

The workshop brought together a range of subject matter experts to address a number of topics. U Aung Win, Member of Parliament for Hmawbi Township, opened the event, with U Than Aung, Parliamentary Representative from Hmawbi Township Zone 2 also giving a guidance speech at the start of the day.

U Htun Naing Aung, Chairman of Kaung Kyaw Say Engineering Co. Ltd. went into greater detail around the Environmental, Social and Economic impact of the complex, with Myanma Awba staff also sharing specific industry and agricultural knowledge at relevant points in the discussion.

Workshop participants came from three local townships: Wah Nat Chaung, Kyauk Taung Su and Wah Phyu Taw. Representation was similar from each township, with a 63% female majority and 68% aged between 18-27. A total of 164 people attended the workshop, including:
lensMember of Parliament - 1
lensParliament Representative Hmawbi Township Zone 2 - 1
lensTownship NLD representative - 2  Township officials - 3
lensTownship Police - 5
lensTownship Fire Fighting Department - 5
lensTownship primary School Head master - 1
lensVillage Elders - 18
lensOfficial Media - 2 
lensMember of the press - 4
lensMember of Monastery - 10
lensOther Participants - 102
lensMyanma Awba Group staff - 10

Workshop Objectives

lensTo introduce Myanma’s Awba latest solution to boost productivity of Myanmar’s agriculture sector
lensTo establish a Monitoring Committee (see below) and develop process which welcomes submission of feedback and grievances as part of continuous development and risk management
lensTo share understanding of the importance of agrochemicals for food security and farm productivity
lensTo build understanding of potential employment opportunities
lensTo discuss initiatives that benefit the society, CSR (Corporate social responsibility) and Shared Value
HAIC Monitoring Committee

At the workshop, it was proposed that the Monitoring Committee is to be established in order to provide a transparent and safe mechanism whereby residents can submit concerns and grievances about the HAIC. It will also:
lensevaluate and minimise Environmental Health and Safety impact of the initiative
lensestablish a government-recognized legal committee as needed
lensget involved in initiatives that benefit the wider society Further details about the Monitoring Committee – including proposed activities and funding details – can be found through the Myanma Awba Group website under the HAIC page.
Further details about the Monitoring Committee – including proposed activities and funding details – can be found through the Myanma Awba Group website under the HAIC page.

Training Overview

U Nyan Lin Phyo, Chief Operating Officer of Piti Pyae Zone Co., Ltd of Myanma Awba Group, gave an introduction to the flow of the day as well as the honourable guests, U Aung Win member of Pyithu Hluttaw (house of representatives), Hmawbi Constituency and U Than Aung member of Yangon Region Hluttaw (Yangon Region Parliament), Hmawbi Constituency No.2 give a speech on the development plans for Country’s agriculture sector, projects that will benefit the area development and the country are welcome and mentioned about importance of workplace knowledge and education. One of the parliament members committed to monitor the project’s social and environmental impact, vowing to take action if necessary.

U Min Lwin Si, General Manager of Piti Pyae Zone Co., Ltd, shared the Group’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities which would include one free-to-public clinic, a concrete road for the primary school and one water truck for firefighting within the 2016-17 budget year in Wah Net Choung.

U Nyan Lin Phyo gave an in-depth presentation about the HAIC, discussing details of the project plan, implementation steps, investment partners and investment value, plant operation standards, industrial waste treatment system, emergency response system and future plans for the area.

External speaker U Tun Naing Aung, Managing Director of Kaung Kyaw Zay Co., Ltd, discussed about the environmental, social and economic impact of the initiative. He shared knowledge on relations between the soil, air, sound and vibration effect on environment because of human being, the environmental protection programs, balance of society and environment protection in developed countries.

U Myo Thant, Myanma Awba Group Research and Development Team Leader shared the importance of agricultural inputs on the development of agriculture in Myanmar. With the global population to hit 8 billion by 2050, in terms of size, farming areas will be inversely proportional to the global population. Traditional farming methods can feed only 20% of the world’s population, meaning that our civilization will have to adapt different technology to grow more from less for future food security.

Dr. Maung Maung Paing Soe, HAIC Factory Manager shared job opportunities that would be available as a result of this project. According to the Awba employee requirement plan, phase 1 manpower requirement will be 150 to 200 in 2016-17, in phase (2) 250 to 300 in 2018-19, in phase (3) 400-500 in 2019-2020 for this plant. 30% of the total employment force will be management and professional staff and 70% will be other ranks. The Group expects that 60% of the workforce will be female. Further details on respective job positions, staff’s responsibilities, rights and benefits were also discussed.

U Aung Myo Thant Myanma Awba Group’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) director, delivered awareness training on workplace safety program. His training covers workplace safety, benefit on proper usage of personal protection equipment (PPE) and shared his knowledge, pass experience on workplace safety & environment protection. Certificates and gifts were given to the trainees, before the event closed. 

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