Risk Management

Risk management is essential to ensuring the sustainability of our operations, especially during the current pandemic. The tables below summarise how we are managing some of our most material risks.

Adverse market conditions
  • Cross-border trade is heavily impacted, affecting farmers who cannot export their crops
  • Providing flexible terms for the farmers for the repayment of their loans and/or purchase of our products
  • Frequent and significant changes in the legal framework complexify compliance
  • The Group works with various service providers to monitor any change in the regulatory framework that may impact its operations and activities
  • Safety of staff and distributors
  • Adaptation of working procedures
  • Allocation of MMK 188 million to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic
  • Organisation of a vaccination campaign to protect our staff, their families, as well as our distributors and their families
  • Contraction of sales
  • Increase in capital expenditures
  • Depreciation of the Myanmar kyat
  • Difficulty in accessing and managing cash
  • Strengthening of cash flow management and internal controls
  • Development of new solutions to handle cash and reinforce staff security
  • Payment of salaries in cash
  • We might lose the trust of our business partners and other critical stakeholders
  • Farmers might misuse agrochemical products
  • Employees might be exposed to work-related hazards
  • Delivery of training to use Myanma Awba’s products responsibly and safely
  • Our HSE officer is responsible for managing, monitoring and optimising Myanma Awba’s health and safety performance
Supply chain disruption
  • Delays in the import process
  • Higher logistics costs
  • Strengthening of our procurement process
  • Optimisation of supply routes
  • Further engagement with Myanmar food producers