All Together

Stakeholder Engagement

Being accountable and responsible is critical to earning the trust of our stakeholders.

Awba Group aims to engage with its stakeholders regularly: it is critical to build long-lasting relationships and safeguard our reputation and social license to operate.

Corporate Philanthropy

Myanma Awba ambitions to support vulnerable communities across the country. Our policy articulates our focus and our four value pillars.

Highlights for FY 21/22

  • We engaged key opinion leaders and representatives of our stakeholders to identify and prioritise the topics and issues we wanted to focus on with our sustainability strategy.
  • We donated a total of MMK 98 million in FY 20/21 and MMK 45 million in FY 21/22 to support various organisations.

Highlights for FY 22/23

  • We ranked 9th in the 2022 Pwint Thit Sa report compared to 29th in the previous edition.
  • We received and resolved 2 grievances from our communities.
  • We donated 299 million MMK to various charities in 2023, compared to 45 million MMK in 2022.

Delivering Lasting Solutions through Community Partnerships, Engagement and Support

The Vision statement is built on the four value pillars:
Improving Lives
Sustainable Development
Care and Concern
We are committed to improving the lives of farmers and their families, women and children through sustainable solutions with long-term impact. Our ongoing programmes and initiatives focus on generating inclusive growth while reducing environmental impact along our value chain.
Supporting clinics, hospitals and medical facilities for better healthcare services

Our CSR Programmes

Supporting clinics, hospitals and medical facilities for better healthcare services
Upgrading school buildings and facilities for a better learning environment
Clean Drinking Water
Improving community health and well-being with better access to quality drinking water
Infrastructure Projects
Building electricity networks and roads to facilitate access and travel to communities
Disaster Relief
Providing financial aid and necessary supplies to disaster-struck villages