“It is through the holistic approach of producing high quality agriculture products, and up-skilling smallholder farming families, that we will be able to improve livelihoods across the agriculture sector and enrich and strengthen rural communities.”

Thadoe Hein
Founder and Group CEO, Myanma Awba Group

Creating Sustainable, Quality Solutions for Myanmar's Agricultural Sector

Towards Total Financial Inclusion

Microfinance Services

Towards Better Agricultural Output

Towards Empowered, Engaged Communities​

We continuously engage with communities to ensure our businesses remain environmentally and socially responsible.


We are currently the market leader with four core brands and over 250 products that enjoy strong grower trust. Our product range includes insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, foliar fertilisers, and plant growth regulators produced locally to ensure affordable prices.

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With a clear focus on high quality seeds, we are continuing to expand our portfolio of corn, vegetables, pulses and oilseeds, ensuring farmers have access to the best available varieties.


We focus on high-quality, customised fertilisers with four core brands and over 40 products which deliver optimum nutrition for a wide range of crops, ensuring higher yields and improved profits for farmers.

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We recognise farmers’ needs for microloans and financial solutions to sustain and grow their small businesses. It is our aim to provide financial inclusion to all 3.2 million farming families we serve.

Our Microfinance Services
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Agriculture Technology

As part of our drive to educate farmers on yield improvement and better returns on investment, we set new standards for agriculture technologies, providing smart actionable solutions using an “unmanned aerial vehicle” (UAV), mobile devices, satellite technology and Internet of Things (IoT).

our agriculture technology services

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