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“It is through the holistic approach of producing good quality agriculture products, upskilling and developing smallholder farming families and implementing programmes to enrich and strengthen the rural communities that we will be able to improve livelihoods across the agriculture sector.”

Thadoe Hein
Founder and Group CEO, Myanma Awba Group.

Agri Chemicals

Awba is currently the market leader, with more than 70 herbicide, fungicide and insecticide products available. Today, these products enjoy strong brand recognition and trust in local farming communities.


Awba Group currently offers over 10 types of seeds, with a focus on vegetable crops and hybrids like corn and rice.


Over 20 fertiliser products are available under Awba Group’s four core brands. Our offerings focus on high-quality/margin fertilisers to increase crop viability and improve farmers’ yields.

Micro Finance

When we realised many farmers were in dire need of financial support to sustain their businesses, Maha Awba Microfinance was established.

We have given over USD10 million in loans and helped over 10,000 farmers achieve their business aims by enabling them to purchase the products and equipment to help their crops flourish.

Agriculture Technology

A soil fertility testing device which offers fertiliser recommendations

A cutting edge mobile scanning device that provides detailed field soil analysis for key plant nutrients (N, P and K), soil pH, and organic matter content.

With the device, farmers are able to receive real-time in-field analysis and recommendation for their soil’s quality. An optional addition to the device is the Stationary Soil Analysis Laboratory, a portable ‘Lab in a Box’ that provides highly accurate readings of the NPK and other secondary nutrients and trace elements needed for optimal crop development and growth.

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