Agricultural Solutions

Myanma Awba focuses on two main issues to enable better agricultural solutions that benefit Myanmar’s farmers.

Product Stewardship

Agrochemical products and seeds are essential in uplifting farming communities.

However, as a responsible company, we focus on:

  • Developing new and more organic products and solutions
  • Receiving all the necessary approval from the relevant Myanmar authorities before introducing and selling our products, to ensure full compliance with all necessary standards and norms
  • Enhancing product formulation and safe use
  • Offering training by our experts in the responsible use of our products
  • Considering the life cycle of our products to minimise their impacts – we will consider various options to responsibly manage the disposal of containers and old inventories, for example. 

Living Planet

Farmers rely on natural capital to cultivate their crops: bees and soils. Without them, it is impossible for farming communities to sustain and prosper.

As Myanmar is one of the countries most exposed to the consequences of climate change, we are committed to reducing our carbon emissions and safeguarding Myanmar’s ecosystems.

Highlights for FY 21/22

  • We had a portfolio of 400+ products at the end of March 2022. We launched 43 new products in FY 21/22.
  • We serve a community of 3.2 million farmers. Our experts conducted 958 training sessions to raise awareness of our products and their responsible use, reaching a total of 93,321 farmers.
  • We received on average 9 complaints from our distributors and farmers for every 1,000 sales, and only 17% were related to product quality.
  • We emitted a total of 8,378 tonnes CO2 equivalent, of which 93% is related to Scope 1. However, on a monthly basis, our emissions decreased by 7% in FY 21/22 from FY 20/21.

GHG emissions (FY 21/22)

Monthly CO2 emissions (tons of CO2 eq.)