Myanma Awba Group showcases Fertiliser Expertise at Argus NPK Fertilisers Myanmar 2018 conference

23 July 2018

In June, Myanma Awba Group had the honour of participating in the Argus NPK Fertilisers Myanmar 2018 conference. The conference is part of a global drive to promote balanced and educated use of fertilisers. The aim of the conference was to initiate an industry-wide dialogue on developing the local fertiliser market. Such efforts will have to be a multi-pronged approach which begins with raising awareness, improving local infrastructure and optimising the use of fertilisers among our farmers.

The conference included presentations by international speakers and representatives of the local fertiliser sector. We were especially proud to have our Chief Operations Officer and Head of Supply Chain Mr. Yeo Joo Hua, and Head of Corporate Affairs and Special Projects Dr. Aung Swe share our expertise in fertilisers with a diverse audience, all with the common goal of learning how we can help Myanmar’s farmers produce better, healthier and higher-yield crops.

Other vital topics the conference touched upon were investments in our fertiliser sector, the role of chemical fertilisers and how they can be best utilised, fertiliser and water management strategies for Myanmar’s rice sector, and social and economic issues that impact fertiliser decisions of small-scale farmers.

It was a key opportunity for us to rally our colleagues in the sector and stress the importance of quality fertiliser products adapted for the unique conditions of our fields, and the right education to help farmers know how to deploy these products best.

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